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How it all began

Our story truly began when Prof. Maoz and Dr. Arami (or Ben and Amir, as we prefer to call them) met.
Having grown up in different parts of the country, life had led them on different paths.
Ben became a faculty member at the Department of Bio-Medical Engineering at Tel Aviv University, while Amir grew to become a doctor and the chair of the hand surgery department at Sheba Medical Center.

Eventually, their paths crossed.
 Not only were their kids in the same circles, they found that they were neighbors.
They bonded over their interest in science, fondness for sports, and life-long dedication to helping others.
A friendship was soon formed.

One day, as they were on one of their habitual jogs, Amir confided in his friend about something that had been troubling him. When caring for patients who suffered from a nerve injury, there was very little he could offer them. The current surgical solutions depend on the injury’s extent and are limited in time following the injury. Even in cases where motion is restored, sensation is typically lost. This inability to help was a source of great frustration for Amir, who told Ben he wished there was something he could do to help such people.
Ben simply responded: “Challenge accepted!” and our journey began…

Our team

It's all about the people

Shai Feinsod


Veteran healthcare executive with over 25 years of experience in startups in the US and Israeli markets.

Amir Arami, MD

CMO and Co Founder

Head of Hand Surgery and Microsurgery Department, Sheba – Tel Hashomer.

Prof. Ben M. Maoz, PhD

CTO and Co Founder

Department of Biomedical Engineering, Tel-Aviv University Sagol School of Neuroscience. 

Arkady Glukhovsky

Development Engineer

Natalie Zlotnikov, PhD


Yael Engel Levitan


Shay Kaplan

R&D Engineer

Noam Halfon

R&D Engineer

Maximiliano (Max) Sisti

R&D Chemist

Dana Ben-Artzi

Growth & Operations

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